Direct procurement and supply of medical products

We ensure you get high value pharmaceuticals and consumables with unparalleled quality, competitive pricing, and increased transparency in the supply chain.

Having issues with supply chain management?

Our clients cannot relate because they use our end to end supply chain system .

Medshelf is a tech-based Vendor Inventory Management (VIM) software that simplifies your supply chain and optimizes your inventory stock. This technologically enabled ordering system helps you to avoid stock outs, reduce costs, and improve your overall operational efficiency.

Group Purchasing Service

MedPharma enables hospitals and other government institutions to access a wide range of pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, and services at the best prices by ensuring that hospitals procure pharmaceuticals from suppliers at the best prices. By partnering with MedPharma, hospitals can take advantage of our expert negotiation skills and established relationships with top-tier suppliers to obtain the best possible prices for the products and services they require.


We provide these medications to healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies looking for reliable treatment options.

Product Distribution

Medbury has retained the rights to market and distribute a variety of products of international repute within our local market.