How to manage supply chain risks.
How to Manage Supply Chain Risks

Supply chains are complex. They span the globe, connecting partners in every region and country. Like any chain, a supply chain is only as strong as its weakest links. Managing supply chain risks is crucial to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your operations. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what causes supply chain disruptions and […]

Challenges in Vendor Management

Efficient vendor management is an essential component of successful business operations. This includes a range of processes and strategies that enable organizations to oversee and interact with their suppliers or vendors effectively. Efficient vendor management involves building and sustaining strong relationships with vendors, negotiating contracts, ensuring the timely delivery of quality goods or services, and […]

Myth Busters about Supply Chain Management

In Nigeria’s healthcare landscape, the management of medical and surgical supplies has seen a positive transformation through integrated and automated supply chain management (SCM) solutions. Despite this progress, many healthcare facilities still grapple with fragmented systems in handling drug inventory and supply chain management. Several myths persist, hindering the adoption of digital transformation in the […]

Effective Supply Chain Management in Hospital pharmacies

In the healthcare ecosystem, hospitals with integrated pharmacies play a crucial role in ensuring patients have access to essential medications. The seamless operation of these pharmacies relies heavily on effective supply chain management. In this article, we would be exploring how Hospital pharmacies can optimize their supply chains to deliver timely and quality pharmaceutical care […]